Heads down in Dogtown, eyes avert stares with the flex of a smile, look all you like but see at your own caution, the space with no stares draws tight in real quick. Nothing to say but the mood hoists itself darker, a listless chewed flag in close humid air. 

Malay etiquette determines that a rude man smiles and laughs to strangers. It is an impertinent man who looks you in the eye. It is a threatening man who grasps your hand firmly. Only strangers from foreign countries mix up all three. Etiquette begins with the body, swagger into a room and your legs announce you before you’ve opened your mouth. You’ve missed the point without saying a word.

We have the fool's licence, it’s where we start when we learn, two lost boys having some fun, wandering round Dogtown, just a couple more strays to add to the pack. But that doesn’t last long once the clipboards come out. Our cameras and microphones have a sinister air, devices that record can brand and point out, mysterious data and opaque intentions, that harmless caper doesn’t quite match. So the man on the scooter rides up to come see, he asks what we’re doing and why we are here. We don’t really know so it’s quite hard to answer, we just want to wander without much of a reason, it’s a place to uncover on the sake of its own.